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    My art made from recycled surfboard fin material came from an idea to reality with my first Big Whale piece.  I started making my first pieces in August of 2015 and selling these pieces only through word of mouth and social media.  When Sally Weymouth contacted me and asked if I would bring my pieces to The Women on Waves Surf event I was excited.  This was the first time I had taken my art to the streets to sell and get customer feedback.  Then I was asked to do First Friday and have my art on display for December 2015 at The Santa Cruz Food Lounge. I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California and I am a co-owner of Rainbow Fin Company with my father Glen De Witt.  Our company makes surfboard fins out of resin and fiberglass. We are environmentally conscientious and we have been incorporating renewable resources in the production of surfboard fins like recyclable packaging to using renewable materials such as bamboo.
     While looking for ways to reduce waste I have created my recycled art. This amazing art is made from production scrap that will not find it's way to the land fill.  I couldn't see throwing away scrap surfboard fiberglass fin material because it was too small for surfboard fins. I have enjoyed making custom pieces for customers and creating my own visions to fit your visions.  The ocean is amazing and this art style is a perfect match in both color and content.
     I hope you will enjoy my creativity and love for this beautiful ocean we live by.  These pieces are 1 of a kind art and  created with an ocean theme but custom pieces can be commissioned.

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